4 Indispensable Tips to Improve Your Mobile User Experience

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|    NOV 09 2016

When it comes to mobile apps, user experience (UX) is paramount. If your UX is poor, users will quickly move on to another alternative, especially when there are several other similar apps available. Over the past few years we have seen the mobile channel maturing and right along with it we have seen similar growth in the field of mobile user experience. Quite often, a quality UX is what separates a successful app from others than never pick up traction.

Below are four indispensable tips to help improve your mobile user experience. Even if you're not actually involved in the design or coding process, these tips will help you provide better direction to those who are doing the design and coding of your application.

Do one thing well

Apps that develop devoted customer bases tend to do one thing and they do it very well. Generally they are built to allow users to complete their intended task quickly and simply. Focus on helping your app's users complete their intended tasks with speed and efficiency, removing unnecessary steps and complications. Avoid clutter that will get in the way of users being able to quickly and easily accomplish their task. Instead, concentrate on optimizing functionality with a laser like focus on creating simplicity for the user.

Focus on tasks

When mobile users open apps they do so because they want to accomplish tasks. Whether their intended activity is broad in nature, like skimming through news stories, or it has a specific focus, like checking movie times, your app should be focused on helping them easily identify and complete their intended task. Every function of your app should be focused on this and everything else should be discarded.

Keep in mind that mobile users tend to have limited time to spend on your application. The real estate you have to work with on a mobile phone is small as well. You do not to waste time or space when it comes to your app's user experience. Develop and understanding of why users use your app and then work to create a streamlined flow where users can swiftly complete their tasks.

Create a logical sense of flow

When you open an app you do so for a specific purpose. You also expect to be able to accomplish that task in an easy way. When designing your app, make sure you think about how a user will use it and create a logical flow for them to complete their tasks. If your app is able to provide a needed service and allows users to complete it easily and efficiently they will keep using your application.

Remember users will be interrupted

Part of what makes smart phones so wonderful is that they can go anywhere and still allow you to accomplish a wide variety of tasks while you are on-the-go. Inevitably, your apps users will be interrupted while using your app. Maybe a coworker will walk up and ask them a question or perhaps they will get a call. If you keep your app simple and your interface clean, users will be less likely to disengage from your app when interrupted. This helps reduce the cognitive load on the user and makes it easier to pick up from where they left off if they are interrupted. Additionally, think about how you can break larger tasks down into smaller chunks; this makes it easier to pick it back up after an interruption.

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